Grab It Now



“GRAB IT NOW” is a “limited stock” promotion, offers certain models of rackets at an unbelievable prices compared to shops, or even to our website’s prices. We have prepared the BRAND NEW rackets with Apacs String or equivalent; white or ‘matching’ colour; strung at 25 lbs (the ideal tension for our machine) ~ complete with the canvas bag & softgrip as stated on this website. In addition, to cater our customers’ needs,we also provide LI-NING Rackets without string (the package will be: Racket & Racket-Case). Please take a look below list :)

Available Models as per 21 March 2017 :

LI-NING BRAND CLEARANCE! (MORE THAN 40%!! Contact us to believe)

- Li-Ning Windstorm 700 (U.P: $159.90)  without string

- Li-Ning 3D Break Free N90 iii  (U.P: $489.90) without string

- Li-Ning G-Force Lite 3500 (U.P: $109.90) without string

- Li-Ning Turbo X-101 (U.P: $99.90)  without string

- Li-Ning Razor RZ-88 (U.P: $249.90)  without string

- Li-Ning G Force Lite 3200i  (U.P: $79.90) without string


- Apacs Finapi 101 – 2 pcs (U.P : $99.00) SOLD OUT

- Apacs Nano Speed 900 (RED) (U.P : $79.00)

- Apacs Edge Saber 10 (White) (U.P $79.00)

- Apacs Z – Series (U.P : $89.90) SOLD OUT

- Apacs Z – Ziggler 515  – SOLD OUT

- Apacs Z – Ziggler (White colour) (U.P : $99.00) with string – left 1 pc

- Apacs Z – Ziggler (Black colour) – SOLD OUT

- Apacs Z – Ziggler (Hot Pink colour) (U.P : $99.00)  with string – left 1 pc!!!

- Apacs Tantrum 200  (U.P : $109.00)  with string – left 1 pc

- Apacs Lethal 70 — just re-stocked! with string – left 1 pc

- Apacs Lethal 15 Purple (NEW!) – SOLD OUT

- Apacs Fusion Speed 725 (U.P : $89.00)


Simply SMS or Whatsapp our crew at 9692 7110 to grab one! Please mention “Grab it Now”, followed by one of the model available as above.

We will reply you with the Grab It Now Special Price you requested.

Next step, drop by at our place and grab the racket!! :)


* The promotion is valid until the ‘prepared’ stocks sold out. Sometimes we repeat the same model on the following weeks, so please check our promotion section daily to see what the new promotion is; or just GRAB it NOW when you can so you don’t miss the chance!

* Only for local customers

* Collection will be at 251 Compassvale Street, S 540251 ONLY