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Li-Ning G-Force 360

LI-NING G-FORCE 360 Super Light
The WHOLE-PIECED Badminton Racket.. Latest Innovation!
Highly Recommended for Ladies/Girls with ANY skill levels.
Great handling, super light racket yet powerful, and very nice finishing colour!

BATTLEDORE PROMO: $110 ONLY! up to June 2016
Normal Price : $169.90
What you get: – a Racket, – Racket Case, – Softgrip.
Additional $10 for Normal String & Service

Play with Powerful Badminton Racket
Li Ning G Force super light 360 Badminton Racket is equipped with all new features which make this racket extremely powerful and destructive for opponent. With innovative technology, G Force 360 will provide you 2.8% shuttle speed while it will give you 7.8 % less drag force which eventually results into powerful hitting with optimum control over shots. G force super light 360 comes in gold color scheme and it is made of very light weight carbon fiber material. Its weight is W1 (less than 80 gms) while it is available in S2 grip configuration.

- Li Ning Superlight Technology
Li ning G Force super light 360 is made of superlight technology. In this racket, complete racket is made of with latest material and with state of art manufacturing which give feather light racket feel. With this type of racket configuration, player can perform better on badminton court.

- Improved Sweet spot by DOF (Dynamic Optimum Frame)
Sweet spot is considered as an area where player get maximum power. Badminton players always want to make a shuttle contact at sweet spot. If player will get enlarged sweet spot then it will be an added advantage for them. Li ning G Force Power super lite 360 is developed with Dynamic Optimum Frame technology which gives enlarged sweet spot results into more hitting area for badminton player.

- Improve Shot Accuracy with STABILIZED TORSION ANGLE
While shuttle hit the racket string bed then it creates the vibration due the torsion generated by shuttle impact. Due to vibration, player can miss place the shuttle placement to opponent court. Li Ning super lite 360 is developed with Stabilized Torsion Angle technologies which minimize the vibration caused due to shuttle impact and give accurate shuttle placement. With this technology player can effectively play the drop shots, cross court drop shot and fast drive shots.

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Product Specifications
Flex : Soft
Composition : Carbon Fiber
Weight : W1 (less than 80g)
Color : White and Purple
Grip Size : S2

Price: $169.90
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Li-Ning G-Force Lite 3500 (High Demand in Korea)

Li-Ning G FORCE Lite 3500
This model is one of the most wanted for Korean Badminton Fans.

It designed for players who love to play fast pace and great placement with very nice finishing colour. It is extremely worth to grab when we look at the new technology compare to the affordable price. Highly recommended for beginner to intermediate level.

Li-Ning G-Force Lite 3500 is designed with new technology. This badminton racket shaft is made by ultra carbon fiber, so the rackets come with light-weight and strong shaft. This material gives excellent flexibility to sustain the load easily. We assure that G-Force Lite 3500 badminton racket gives players to extra advantage to perform better shots.


Normal Price: $109.90 (frame only)

What you get: – A Racket, Li-Ning Softgrip GP18 (worth $4), Li-Ning Racket Case

Li-Ning String & Service: $10 top up

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Level : Intermediate
Flexibility : Soft
Grip Size : S2
Technology : Ultra-carbon, superlight technology
Item Weight : 70-80 grams
Material : Carbon fiber

Price: $109.90
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Li-Ning GP18 Soft Grip (Replacement Grip)

The Most Demand Replacement Grip by Li-Ning : GP-18
Attractive colours designed for players who like soft touch feeling and not slippery

  • Soft and Durable
  • Super Absorbent
  • Nullifies Vibration
  • Non Slip
  • Self Adhesive

Promo Price : $3.00 each (Usual Price is $4.00 each)

Purchase 4 pcs at $10.00 ONLY !

Contact Us at 96927110 to grab them all now!

Price: $4.00
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Li-Ning Lin Dan Woods N90-III (BIG PROMO!!!)

Li-Ning Lin Dan Woods N90-iii
Li-Ning Woods N90 is a racket designed specifically for one of the BEST badminton player in the history, the Olympic Gold Medalist and 4 times World Champion Lin Dan ( a.k.a. Super Dan ). The Woods N90 racket is extra stiff to achieve extreme control and precision even during explosive hard smash. The Li-Ning Woods N90 is also balanced toward the head to increase power for aggressive play.

Designed with heavy weighted racket head, high-tensile shaft, and elevated balance point, the Li-Ning Woods N90 is the players weapon for powerful aggressive attacks. The racket is reinforced by compressive-structure frame for intricate and steady strokes to achieve high maneuverability and control of shots.

The racket name “Woods” came from the adage in Sun Tzu Art of War that stated, “When in movement, be as swift as the storm. When in tactics, be as intricate as the woods. When in aggression, be as ferocious as the flame. When in stillness, be as steady as the rocks”. Top badminton players’ unrivalled tactics share the same characteristics with Woods – exuberant, invulnerable and boundless.


Normal price is $489.90 (frame only)

What you get: A Racket, Softgrip, Racket Case (special for high end models), and FREE Normal String & Labor!

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Level: Advance / Professional
Type: Offensive / Aggressive
Flex: Extra Stiff
Head: Square/Isometric
Weight: 84-89gm(3U-)
B.Pt: 8 (Head Heavy Balance)
Head: Carbon Graphite, TB Nano Powertec, PCF Reinforcing Technology, DF Shock Absorption System
Shaft: Carbon Graphite, HB Shaft

Price: $489.90
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Li-Ning Socks


PROMO PRICE : $5.00 / pair

(Usual Price is $6.90 / pair)

* Colours subject to stock availability

Price: $6.90
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