Li-Ning A+62 XD (12+3 Shuttles!)

Li-Ning Xtra Durable A+62 XD Feather Badminton Shuttlecock

Made with high quality feather to ensure flying stability, durability and strength. With excellent performance, Li-Ning Xtra Durable A+62 XD has become the leader of badminton products and favoured by badminton amateurs.

One tube of Li-Ning Xtra Durable A+62 XD Badminton Shuttlecock contains 15 shuttles with 3 Free Shuttles.

Most Suitable for Beginners, School training, daily training.

Value for Money! Content: 12 + 3 Shuttles
Battledore Promo is $18.50 (U.P is $22.90)

Price: $22.90
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