Li-Ning G-Force Lite 3500 (High Demand in Korea)

Li-Ning G FORCE Lite 3500
This model is one of the most wanted for Korean Badminton Fans.

It designed for players who love to play fast pace and great placement with very nice finishing colour. It is extremely worth to grab when we look at the new technology compare to the affordable price. Highly recommended for beginner to intermediate level.

Li-Ning G-Force Lite 3500 is designed with new technology. This badminton racket shaft is made by ultra carbon fiber, so the rackets come with light-weight and strong shaft. This material gives excellent flexibility to sustain the load easily. We assure that G-Force Lite 3500 badminton racket gives players to extra advantage to perform better shots.


Normal Price: $109.90 (frame only)

What you get: – A Racket, Li-Ning Softgrip GP18 (worth $4), Li-Ning Racket Case

Li-Ning String & Service: $10 top up

Level : Intermediate
Flexibility : Soft
Grip Size : S2
Technology : Ultra-carbon, superlight technology
Item Weight : 70-80 grams
Material : Carbon fiber

Price: $109.90
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