Apacs Rackets

Apacs Rapier R SG

Racket inclusive of 1 Canvas Bag + String (Apacs Stern 9) & Service (PROMO)

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(spec info will be coming soon...)

Price: $79.00
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Apacs Raptor Mk 1 SG


1 Racket inclusive of 1 Canvas Bag + String (Apacs Stern 9) & Service and 1 Softgip (GREAT DEAL!)

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Specification of Apacs Raptor MK 1 SG
Weight : 84+2 Gram(4U)
Balance : 285+5mm
Maximum Tension : 35LBS
Grip : G2
Flex : Medium Stiff

Other Advantage of Raptor MK 1 :
#Whip-Slim Frame
#Nano Technology
#Ultra High Modulus Graphite Even Balance Long Size
#Ultimate power and control for professional players.

Price: $89.90
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Apacs Tantrum 300 (NEW!)

Apacs Tantrum 300
Just arrived in Singapore in end of 2013! The most wanted racket in Malaysia & Indonesia.

Apacs Tantrum 300 is a well-balanced racket, its also well-known as a friendly racket and suits all kinds of players’ characters, (be it defensive or offensive) for fast powerful attacking shots and quick defence. One of the best all round rackets in Singapore today!

Its a great racket designed for intermediate and advance players.

Advantages of Apacs Tantrum 300:

  • ISO Frame
  • Vacuum Intensive Frame + 40T shaft

This process Vacuum Lamination Process usually used in high performance fiberglass boat or aerospace application. It give the highest quality of multilayer of fibers, reduced air, moisture and volatile entrapment in the racket
Improved overall thickness uniformity
Reduced stress and wrap on the finished product
Better layer-to-layer registration
Higher compression pressure during manufacture helps provide a solid racket that can handle up to 35lb string tension

Frame Construction : Japan Mitsubishi M30 ( 30 Tonne ) HM Graphite + Nano
Shaft Construction : Japan Toray M40 ( 40 Tonne ) HM Graphite + Nano
Weight : 3U (88-90g) – G2
Balance Point : 285 ± 5mm
Length : 675mm
Max tensions : 35 lbs

BATTLEDORE PROMO PRICE: $105.00 only (up to December 2015)

Lower than last year!! (was $110)

(U.P: $120.00 frame only)

* price is all-in package promo (inclusive of Apacs Stern 9 String & Service, one-sided Bag AP901 or equivalent, and a Softgrip)

Price: $129.00
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Apacs Tantrum 500 International

The Apacs Tantrum 500 International Badminton Racket is designed for advanced player and is made from high-end material to boost performance as well as durability.

  • Apacs Tantrum 500 International is designed for attacking / offensive players.
  • The racket has a built-in Graphite T-Throat that:
    • Minimize racket torsion
    • Maximise Frame and Shaft Stability
    • Enhanced attacking power
    • Increase shuttlecock velocity
    • Improve accuracy of shuttle direction
  • The EVA Foam Construction at the racket head
    • Absorb Vibration
    • Strengthen the frame
    • Solid and Comfortable Feels
  • The Japan Toray Hi-Modulous Graphite Frame is much stronger and Maximum Tension can go up to 38lbs.
  • It provide a super stable frame during the powerful smash.
  • It’s a racket with head heavy frame (for attacking purpose). It provides the power to smash hard plus good control and to defend smashes.
  • Playing Style: Offensive 70%;  Defensive 30%

Battledore Promo All-in Package:

Inclusive of  One-sided Bag AP901; Apacs String Stern 9 or Lethal 66 & Service ; 1 SoftGrip .

Battledore Promo Price: $130.00 only ~  up to December 2015

(note: U.P $159.00 without string & service)

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Specification of Tantrum 500 International:
Weight: 88+-2gm
BP: 285+-3mm
Length: 675mm
Grip: 3U-G2
Flex: 8
Max Frame Tension: 38lbs
Special Features: T-throat & Foaming tech

Price: $159.00
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Apacs Training Rackets (Various Weights)

GREAT DEAL! Apacs Training Racket

(Weight: 120 gr, 140 gr, 160 gr, 180 gr, 200 gr)

Promo Price: $59.00 WHEN YOU ORDER UP TO December 2015

including Apacs String Stern 9 & service, a softgrip and canvas bag

(U.P is $69.00 without string & service)

This Apacs Training Racket is specially designed for players who want to improve their  power and speed on court. Long time ago, player used a tennis or squash racket to train their strength, which was very difficult for them to adapt  to the normal racket.

Now, with this training racket, it’s exactly badminton racket size, and you can use it to train your smash to be more powerful and help your hand’s  movement to be faster!

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Note: Weight subjects to the availability

Price: $69.00
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