Apacs Training Rackets (Various Weights)

GREAT DEAL! Apacs Training Racket

(Weight: 120 gr, 140 gr, 160 gr, 180 gr, 200 gr)

Promo Price: $59.00 WHEN YOU ORDER UP TO December 2015

including Apacs String Stern 9 & service, a softgrip and canvas bag

(U.P is $69.00 without string & service)

This Apacs Training Racket is specially designed for players who want to improve their  power and speed on court. Long time ago, player used a tennis or squash racket to train their strength, which was very difficult for them to adapt  to the normal racket.

Now, with this training racket, it’s exactly badminton racket size, and you can use it to train your smash to be more powerful and help your hand’s  movement to be faster!

Note: Weight subjects to the availability

Price: $69.00
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