Apacs Tantrum 500 International

The Apacs Tantrum 500 International Badminton Racket is designed for advanced player and is made from high-end material to boost performance as well as durability.

  • Apacs Tantrum 500 International is designed for attacking / offensive players.
  • The racket has a built-in Graphite T-Throat that:
    • Minimize racket torsion
    • Maximise Frame and Shaft Stability
    • Enhanced attacking power
    • Increase shuttlecock velocity
    • Improve accuracy of shuttle direction
  • The EVA Foam Construction at the racket head
    • Absorb Vibration
    • Strengthen the frame
    • Solid and Comfortable Feels
  • The Japan Toray Hi-Modulous Graphite Frame is much stronger and Maximum Tension can go up to 38lbs.
  • It provide a super stable frame during the powerful smash.
  • It’s a racket with head heavy frame (for attacking purpose). It provides the power to smash hard plus good control and to defend smashes.
  • Playing Style: Offensive 70%;  Defensive 30%

Battledore Promo All-in Package:

Inclusive of  One-sided Bag AP901; Apacs String Stern 9 or Lethal 66 & Service ; 1 SoftGrip .

Battledore Promo Price: $130.00 only ~  up to December 2015

(note: U.P $159.00 without string & service)

Specification of Tantrum 500 International:
Weight: 88+-2gm
BP: 285+-3mm
Length: 675mm
Grip: 3U-G2
Flex: 8
Max Frame Tension: 38lbs
Special Features: T-throat & Foaming tech

Price: $159.00
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