Apacs Racket Lethal 100

Brand new and the latest evolution of the Lethal Badminton Racket range of Apacs Badminton Racket; the Lethal 100.
Developed to be the ultimate power house this racket is amongst the most aerodynamic frame in production today!

Building on the super hollow shaft of the lethal 100 has a stiff shaft design with a head heavy balance. One of the special features of this racket is the use of an internal muscle power frame resulting in greater stability and power.

The Lethal 100 Advantage:

  • Chrome Braided Graphite for extra strength technology
  • Internal Muscle power frame for improved stability and power
  • Hollow shaft with all NEW T-joint design giving excellent power generation and super stability
  • Rapid shaft recovery after every shot

Get this new and highest range of Apacs racket – Lethal 100 for

$140.00 only ~ up to December 2015

Inclusive of : Single-sided bag AP1112, Apacs String+Service, and 2 (two) pcs of Soft Grip

Specification of Lethal 100:
Frame Material : 30T HM Graphite + Chrome Braided Graphite
Shaft Material : 50T Japan HM Graphite + Chrome Braided Graphite
Flex : Stiff
Weight : 3U (86-89g) G2
Length : 675mm
Balance : 290 ± 3mm (Head Heavy)
Max String Tension : 33lbs Main, 36lbs Cross

Price: $199.00
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