Apacs Nano Tubes 9990 Green (New!!)

1 Racket inclusive of 1 Canvas Bag, Apacs String Stern 9 & Service, 1 SoftGrip (Best Deal!!!)

Battledore Promo Price: $70.00 only ~  up to December 2015

(U.P  is  $79.00  -  frame only)

The Apacs Nano Tubes 9990 Green racket has a very similar looks as the Yonex Nanospeed 9900 Green racket.

  • Apacs Nano Tubes 9990 is designed for tactical and semi-offensive players. The racket is made to help players produce control and power using Apacs latest Nano technologies.
  • It’s an ultra light racket with a Light Weight Head and Hi-Tension Frame. It provides the power to smash hard plus good control and to defend smashes.
  • Continuous drive of the shuttle using this racket is easier and painless as it is considerably light. Retrieving smashes is easier as well due to the light feel of the racket. Surprising opponent with drop shot is very easy.
  • Trick shot is also very good as the racket is easy to control. With less energy, smashing is as powerful. This racket is truly good for smash, drive and control.

Specification of Nano Tubes 9990:

Weight: 84-86g (4U)
Balance: 285+5mm (Even balance)
Length: 670mm
Grip: G2
Flex: 8-9 (Intermediate Medium Stiffness)
Max Tension: 35lbs

Price: $79.00
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