Apacs Foray 300 Black (NEW!!!)

1 Racket inclusive of 1 Canvas Bag, Apacs String Stern 9 & Service, 1 SoftGrip (Great Deal!)

Battledore Promo Price: $70.00 only ~  up to December 2015

(U.P is $79.00 – frame only)

Introduction: The Apacs Foray 300 racket has a very similar looks and feels as the Yonex Voltric Z-force racket.

* Great design and solid performance for offensive players..

* With its light body (4U), enable you to move the racket very fast and to deliver a very sharp and powerful smashing.

* Indeed, it’s value for money in term of quality and performance of the racket. We assure you that this is a “100% worth to buy” racket!

Specification of Foray 300:

Weight : 85-87G (4U G2)
Balanced : 285±3mm
Length : 672mm
Max Tension : 38 LBS
Flex :Medium Stiff

Price: $79.00
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