Apacs Feather Weight 300

The Apacs Feather Weight 300 racket is light weight racket at only 75g (6U). The Hexagon Frame design and the super light weight, also head heavy character of this racket, makes it Extremely Fast and Stable!

And the adoption of CNT (Carbon NanoTube Technology) had significantly improve the performance and feel of the racket.

  • The racket was developed with the new “Hexagon Frame” design which increased the Speed of the swingand extra damping function, overall improve execution with Power and more Control.
  • The Racket frame was developed with the new ‘Reinforced Structure’ which enable string tension of 35lbs. A rare feature for light weight (6U) rackets.
  • With its light body, it enable you to move the racket swiftly like a sword and to deliver a very clean and sharp execution.
  • The racket is a Medium shaft racket that will deliver more power and control.
  • Due to the light weight and high speed frame design of the racket, Feather Weight 300 is an extremely fast racket and is developed to suit players who wants more SPEED.
  • This racket is also designed to give you sharper smashes and at the same time let you enjoy the precise drop shot and netting play.


Weight : 75+-3g (6U)
Balance: 300 +/- 3mm (Head Heavy)
Length : 670mm
Grip : G1
Flex : 8.5
Max Tension: 35lbs
BATTLEDORE PROMO PRICE: $115.00 only (up to December 2015)
(U.P: $129.00 frame only)

price is all-in package promo (inclusive of Apacs Stern 9 String & Service, one-sided Bag AP901, and a Softgrip)

Price: $129.00
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